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The Problems and The Llamas :iconkelle611:kelle611 0 0
Rosalee looked away to hide her grin as Monroe leaned towards Nick, his nostrils flaring as he sniffed the Grimm. She always liked getting the pair in, even if it wasn't always under the best of circumstances, it was just so much fun to watch them interact. Monroe may not have realized what he was doing and Nick was utterly clueless about it, but Rosalee saw it. The Blutbad always crowded Nick, taking in his scent and subtly spreading his own onto the smaller male. The amount of unnecessary touching seemed to go up every time she saw them as well, hands brushing arms and shoulders bumping innocently together. Monroe would expose his neck and back, Nick oblivious to the significance of the gesture. At the end of their visit, Monroe would always invite Nick back to his home for a meal, the Grimm agreeing more often than not.
Watching the single most clueless courting in Wesen history was quickly becoming one of Rosalee's favorite things. That was why she'd invited the pair over for some
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Pikachu nails :iconkelle611:kelle611 6 4 Tux Nails :iconkelle611:kelle611 2 1 Watermelon Nails :iconkelle611:kelle611 3 1 Room meme, the reckoning :iconkelle611:kelle611 0 0
In the Daisies
Title: In The Daisies
Characters/Pairings: Harry/Draco
Rating: G
Warnings: mpreg
Word Count: 1,059
Prompt:Harry refuses to quit field work. Hermione tells a nervous Draco "You know in other countries mothers do manual labour through the entire pregnancy, some of them give birth in the fields." (totally stole this concept from a Bones preview ;D)
There will be NO birthing in any fields Granger!
Summary: Harry didn't see what the big deal was, but Draco was adamant that Harry stay safely ensconced in the manor or his office. Then again, when has Harry ever listened to his husband?
Notes: I saw this prompt and my muse made grabby hands, hope you like it prompter. Thank you to my beta, Remembrance. Written for the fall/winter mini-fest on wizsprogs.
"Ignoring me won't make me go away," Draco snapped, glaring at his husband across the table. When the only response he got was Harry taking another bite of his pancake, he couldn't help but snarl. "You are not going out in the field an
:iconkelle611:kelle611 1 5
Harry woke to the sound of retching for the fourth morning in a row. Rolling out of bed, the brunet made his way into the bathroom. Kneeling beside his husband, Harry tried to wrap his arms around Draco's shoulders only to be elbowed in the stomach.
"You did this to me," Draco croaked as he let his head rest against the cool porcelain surface.
"Draco," Harry murmured, "I think it's time to go in to see a Healer. I'll make an appointment with Mediwizard Jones."
"I don't want to see Jones," the blond sneered, eyeing his husband out of the corner of his eye.
Frowning slightly, Harry ran a hand through Draco's limp locks. Sighing when his hand was batted away, the brunet leaned against the sink and watched his husband pout for a moment. "I thought we had decided on Jones when I was trying to get pregnant."
"No," Draco said as he finally pushed himself away from the toilet, "You wanted Jones, I agreed so you wouldn't throw a fit. I don't like him, he looks at me like I'm scum
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2-4-12 :iconkelle611:kelle611 0 3
Not Quite a Mistake
Harry scowled heavily at the pure white potion sitting innocently in a glass flask on the bathroom sink.  It was supposed to be purple; he wanted it to be purple.  For nearly four months he'd been waiting for it to change color and finally let him know that his child was on the way.  Sighing, Harry upended the potion into the sink, watching the pearly liquid vanish down the drain.  With one last glance at himself in the mirror the brunet left the bathroom.
"Harry?" a soft voice questioned as he entered his bedroom.  Looking over at the blond hovering by the bed, Harry shook his head as his lips pulled into a tight smile.  Sighing heavily, Draco approached his husband and enfolded him in a tight hug.  "It'll happen," he soothed, "We just have to keep trying."
"What if I'm infertile?" Harry whispered into Draco's shoulder, "It would make sense, after everything…"
"Harry, we've both been tested; we mad
:iconkelle611:kelle611 6 0
Mature content
The tale of two packages :iconkelle611:kelle611 2 1
Room meme take 2 :iconkelle611:kelle611 1 9 ID: commissioned :iconkelle611:kelle611 2 0
Somnus Diligo
Disclaimer: Characters belong to their respective owners; no profit was made from this.
Warning: Um…nothing actually. What the crap?
Dedication: to tripperfunster on livejournal. Their art inspired this.
He'd smiled, a soft and peaceful smile, the smile of a man who was not about to enter battle. It was in that smile that Severus had lost the last of his animosity towards Potter; it was in that smile that months of close contact with little confrontation between the pair had finally made it clear to him. Severus had spent the better part of a year training Harry, living in the same home as the young man, and interacting constantly. He had been forced, grudgingly, to admit that Potter was not the laze about that he had always assumed. He came to realize just how intelligent the young man was, if only in certain fields of study. But the distaste had lingered on, the past still clouding his judgment. He'd still seen James, still seen the loss of his one true friend, whenev
:iconkelle611:kelle611 1 7
Mature content
Sexing The Tutorial Up :iconkelle611:kelle611 6 0
Mature content
Secret Admirer :iconkelle611:kelle611 1 0

Random Favourites

Akuroku : All Hallow's Eve
"Yeah! That's it! Bite the damn thing!" Xigbar laughed loudly, his Chinese zombie hat twirling around his finger, nearly hitting Demyx's face. The blond, dressed as a Egyptian mummy, grabbed the apple between his teeth and displayed it like a trophy before tossing it back into the barrel of dyed red water. "Next! Next! Come here, Xaldin!"
"No bloody- oof! Watch it, Saix!" Alcohol was definitely in the lance-user's bloodstream as his famously bad temper flared when he was knocked forward towards the barrel by the smirking Number Seven. Or perhaps he was still mad from how the others had managed to bully him into becoming a famous female ghost from some movie, which requires his precious hair be unrestrained and hanging loosely in front of his face. He growled when the Number Two called for him again.
The furry ears attached to Saix's head twitched, though not in annoyance, as he continued his course and went straight for the arm of one Melodious Nocturne. Caught by surprise, Demyx gave
:iconshizuyue:shizuyue 55 24
AIM, Akuroku :icondragonrider13025:DragonRider13025 164 27 AKUROKU DAY :iconnashimus:Nashimus 964 253 +- Warmth -+ Akuroku :iconyamiyugi:yamiyugi 130 14
Akuroku : Roxas Flavoured
"That's way too bloody hot, even for me." Axel wiped a hand across his brows and shook away the sweat on the back of his hand with certain amount of disgust. "I've never felt this glad to be back in here. I'm not a flower, for nobody's sake. I don't need that much sunlight. Argh, I need to get out of this black thing and have a cold drink."
Roxas's lips twitched into a small smile, as he watched his redheaded companion rant loudly while they hurried down the corridor leading from the entrance to the kitchen. "I think we have some ice-cream left in the fridge."
"Really?" Green eyes brightened and a wide smile stretched across Axel's face, "You're an angel!"
Roxas did not remain as an angel for long, as Axel promoted him to godhood when he opened the freezer compartment and pulled out two wrapped packets. Then he promptly descended to being a demon when he refused to hand one over to the redhead.
"Roxas~!" Axel stared indignantly at the blond who gave him a bright sunny grin and adamantl
:iconshizuyue:shizuyue 349 155
optimism - akuroku
"Hey Rox! Rox!" the pyromaniac called, knocking onto the door of his best friend's room "Are you --"
The door opened suddenly, almost making Axel stumble over and onto Roxas. That'd have been embarrassing.
"What is it, Axel?" the blond asked, aggravated, as his blue eyes scanned over a small piece of paper in his own hands.
"Aha." Axel placed a slender finger over the paper, as his other hand pulled out another copy of it from a random pocket. "So you got one, too."
Roxas nodded. "A New Years… get-together?"
"That's what it says, doesn't it?"
"Yeah, but… the Organization sees pretty much every member… pretty much everyday," Roxas sweat dropped.
"They're pretty much sugarcoating the word 'party'."
"Pretty much." Roxas pressed his lips together to form a thin line. "When is it?"
"Jeez, Roxy, ya need to learn how to look at a calendar," Axel exasperated, "it's tonight."
"Oh…" Roxas's blue eyes wandered down to the floor. He was a little confused. He didn't know that the Orga
:iconchiiyako:chiiyako 324 134
AkuRoku Contest: Axe-L :iconsilverookami:Silverookami 891 359 Axel lost a bet.... :iconsilverookami:Silverookami 2,357 324


Life Update and new blog

Journal Entry: Wed May 15, 2013, 11:39 AM
  • Listening to: Imagine Dragons
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  • Drinking: nothing
Well hello there horribly neglected journal, good to see you again.  So, life has been pretty busy for me as of late, but in good ways.  I finally caught up on all that sleep I lost while in college, I feel rested for the first time in years.  I've been catching up with friends I haven't seen while I was away and seeing how exciting their lives are getting.  I'm getting ready for my move to Florida which is now happening two weeks earlier than expected, but hey, two extra weeks of pay checks, so who am I to complain?  I'm heading out to Seattle for my sister's graduation this weekend, so it's putting a bit of a time crunch on packing, but all in all life is good.

One big thing that happened is that just over a month ago I was diagnosed with PCOS or Polycystic Ovary Sydrome.  I've been struggling with my weight for years and finally I have a diagnosis for a medical condition that directly effects my weight.  It's such a relief to know there is a reason I can't lose weight.  I'm on hormonal treatments now to fix the biological issue, but the weight loss is still up to me.  I've actually been really successful in my endeavor so far, I've lost 11 pounds so far.  The thing is, all the diet books about losing weight with PCOS are crap, the recipes suck!  The information in them is useful, but when the food they suggest is bland and boring it's no help at all.  So I pretty much designed my own diet around the guidelines that I've found from multiple sources.  I even started a blog about it.  If you know anyone with PCOS that is trying to lose weight I'd appreciate you sending them over.  I'm really considering writing a combination experience book and cookbook, so having other people with the same issue trying my diet and having it work for them would be super helpful.


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